Rayobase ® powder 217 g, 62 Sachets with 3.5 g

Rayobase ® powder 217 g, 62 Sachets with 3.5 g
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Rayobase ® Powder 217 g, 62 Sachets With 3.5 g The care(supply) with mineral substances,... more
Product information "Rayobase ® powder 217 g, 62 Sachets with 3.5 g"

Rayobase ® Powder 217 g, 62 Sachets With 3.5 g

The care(supply) with mineral substances, trace elements and vitamins is for the functioning of our metabolism of great importance. However, environmental poisons, food additions, heat treatment and preservation steal(liquidate) these vital materials in our food increasingly. However, the content increases in incriminating(taxing) acids steadily. Also the pleasure of cigarettes and alcohol and especially physical and psychic stress contribute to the raised(increased) acid production. The person becomes sourer and sourer(more and more cross). There(Besides) mostly there comes a false-settled intestinal flora whose bacteria produce other(farther) acids. These excessive acids rob the mineral substance reserves of our body. We feel tired and listless. Our efficiency sinks.

Rayobase ® is a base preparation with a well-balanced combination of basic mineral substances in powder form. Mineral substances are connections(unions) of vital importance and therefore inalienably(indispensably) for the human organism. They serve in particular the decontamination, while they bind excessive acids and neutralise. Beside the minerals potassium, calcium and magnesium zinc and silica contains the Rayobase ® the trace element. Rayobase ® is put(stopped) on a high basic pH factor. This high pH factor causes a strong polar activity what entails a quick admission(intake) and mild regularisation of the acid cousin's balance.

*because the pH factor of water to water is different, can come to variations of the pH factor in the drinking-ready solutions.

Day dose and consumption recommendation:
Drink 2x daily a Sachet Rayobase ® á 3.5 g, in each case approx. 30 minutes before a meal or, however, approx. 2 hours after a meal. Give the contents in a glass with warm water (approx. 250 ml). Mix the mixture(miscellany) with a plastic spoon. An entire resolution(dissolving) of Rayobase ® is not necessary.

Natriumhydrogencarbonat, Calciumcarbonat, Magnesiumcarbonat, Kaliumcarbonat, Zink-Gluconat; silica

Mineral substances in 100 g of powder:
Calcium: 10.7 g,
Potassium: 7.4 g,
Magnesium: 5.0 g,
Silica: 0.9 g
Zinc: 0.2 g

Mineral substances in 2 Sachets (day dose):
Calcium: 750 mg,
Potassium: 520 mg,
Magnesium: 350 mg,
Silica: 60 mg
Zinc: 11 mg

Proportional cover of the day need (to RDA):
Calcium: 94%,
Potassium: 26% *,
Magnesium: 117%,
Zinc: 75%
* after D-A-CH-Referenzwerten

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