Coenzym 1 NADH - NX|10

Coenzym 1 NADH - NX|10
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Coenzym 1 NADH - NX|10 the new N.A.D.H purely Power-Lutschpastille, is high measured with 20... more
Product information "Coenzym 1 NADH - NX|10"

Coenzym 1 NADH - NX|10

the new N.A.D.H purely Power-Lutschpastille, is high measured with 20 mg N.A.D.H. and this has his reason.

To be able to supply efficiently brain and heart with energy, to raise the concentration ability and efficiency, N.A.D.H. is necessary in highly concentrated dosage.

Therefore, the dose 20 mg N.A.D.H. per Lutschpastille in NX|10 is recommended by the doctors famous internationally and nationwide and therapists who can fall back on long-standing experiences with this unique cell active substance as an ideal dosage.

NX|10, taken up about the oral mucosae, produces in very fast ATP and with it cell energy.
NX|10 improves at the same time also the brain efficiency, the responsiveness and concentration ability and strengthens the immune system.

As an Antioxidans or radical catcher, N.A.D.H. is able to renew other Antioxidantien, to strengthen therefore the protective system of the body against „free radicals“. „Free radicals“ are like we know, the villains in our body. They attack our immune cells and can affect  them  terrifically, destroy even. To sum up, NX|10 specially delivers energy for the cell and:

  • if the immune system promotes
  • if the commemorative achievement improves
  • if concentration and attention increases(boosts)
  • consequently is helpful with exam stress
  • increases(boosts) sporty achievements(performances)
  • protects and regenerates the cells
  • if the libido increases(boosts) with man and woman
  • works(has an effect) against jet-lay and sleeping deficit

Meanwhile these positive qualitiescould be booked by numerous international studies.

Ingredients per Lutschpastille: NADH 20 mg


One to two NADH tablets well dissolve cerium masticating and in the mouth slowly. The zerkauten tablets quickly resolve. Please, do not swallow! Only the quick, actual(effectual) and 100%th admission(intake) of the ingredients about the oral mucosae is thereby guaranteed(ensured).

Contents: 30 Lutschpastillen

NX|10 is recommended by Prof. Bankhofer. Prof. Hademar Bankhofer is one of the leading(prominent) medicine journalists for the subjects Prevention, Natural medicaments, House means and healthy Food in the German-speaking space and in many other European countries. In 2008 he was chosen in Germany the „medicine guru of the year“. Shortly after became to him  the „German price of health clarification“
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