PI®-Power-Compact 300 Plus Direct-Flow Osmosis System max. 2.0 litres/minute

PI®-Power-Compact 300 Plus Direct-Flow-Osmoseanlage max. 2,0 Liter/Minute
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PI®-Power-Compact 300 Plus Direct-Flow Osmosis System max. 2,0 litres/minute Unique... more
Product information "PI®-Power-Compact 300 Plus Direct-Flow Osmosis System max. 2.0 litres/minute"

PI®-Power-Compact 300 Plus Direct-Flow Osmosis System max. 2,0 litres/minute

Unique direct-flow osmosis system without storage tank. For fast and convenient filtering of drinking water. Additionally PI®-Cell-Vitalizer for mineralisation and energisation of the filtered water. Manufactured in the European Union.

Living water in the quality of the best spring waters.
Highest rejection rates of ingredients (97.5% - 99%)
Very fast filtering of water directly from the cold water pipe
Low waste water rate of 0.45 litres of waste water per litre of tap water
Avoidance of germs by not using a water tank (standing water)
Continuous membrane rinsing and water-cooled pump (no thermal problems)
Space-saving and compact design with control indicators for safe operation
Low maintenance and follow-up costs thanks to long-lasting membrane
Drinking sample 3 litres of PI® water can be ordered free of charge from us

The PI®-POWER Compact SPECIAL version is particularly suitable for the following applications:

Large households
Catering establishments
Large medical practices and small clinics

Follow-up costs (as of 2017):

Pre-filter set: change every 6 months (29.99 euros).
Mebran set: change every 2 years (179.00 euros)
PI®-Cell Vitalizer: Change every 6-10 years (799.00 Euro)

Scope of delivery: The osmosis system is delivered completely ready for connection. It consists of the under-sink unit, which filters the water, and the PI®-Cell Vitalizer, which mineralises and energises the filtered water. The following components are included in the scope of delivery:

PI®-Power-Compact Plus 300
PI®-Cell-Vitalizer SPECIAL
Water tap (3-way water tap available on request at extra charge)
T-piece with pressure gauge and pressure reducer (for connection to the angle valve)
Water stop for leakage monitoring
Connection set with small parts

Free drinking sample: A drinking sample of the water can be ordered from us free of charge.

Materials used: All materials used are of high quality and free of harmful substances. The housing of the unit and the Vitalizer is made of stainless steel. All plastic parts used are guaranteed free of so-called softeners (phthalates), bisphenol A (hormones) as well as acetaldehyde and antimony.

Input water conditions: The raw water (tap water) must comply with the drinking water ordinance. It should have a temperature between 4 and 40°C. The water pressure should be at least 1.7 bar.

Country: Water hardness max. 22°dH/39.2°fH, TDS content max. 600ppm.
City: water hardness max. 25°dH/44.5°fH, TDS content max. 850ppm

Technical data osmosis system:

Operating voltage: 220-240V AC
Capacity: 3.4 to 3.8 litres/minute
Input water: temperature 4-40°C, water pressure min. 1.7 bar
Ultrapure water: 55% ultrapure water corresponds to 1.8 to 2.0 litres/minute
Waste water: 45% waste water corresponds to 1.5 to 1.8 litres/minute
Osmosis membrane: 2 pieces 150 GPD reverse osmosis membrane
Pre-filter: 1 sediment filter, 1 activated carbon filter
Dimensions (H/W/D): Installation upright 430x110x410mm, installation lying 110x430x410mm
Housing: stainless steel

Technical data PI®-Cell-Vitalizer:

Flow rate: 1.8 litres/minute
Water pressure: 0.5 to 6 bar
Housing: Stainless steel
Stand part: Duracon
Cartridge: Polypropylene
Weight: 2,9kg
Dimensions: Diameter 130mm, Height 370mm

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