LG Filter 5231JA2010B (3890JC2990A)

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Water Filter LG 5231JA2010B (3890JC2990A), Fridge Filter Fridge Filter Of The Highest... more
Product information "LG Filter 5231JA2010B (3890JC2990A)"

Water Filter LG 5231JA2010B (3890JC2990A), Fridge Filter
Fridge Filter Of The Highest Quality

The top-quality LG 5231JA2010B water filter is manufactured by “Microfilter” which is among the leading fridge filter manufacturers worldwide. Many renowned companies such as Samsung and LG have entrusted Microfilter to produce refrigerator filters for them. Every water filter the company produces complies with the maximum safety standards as reflected in the use of high-quality and food-real materials.

The LG 5231JA2010B water filter is supplied with protection clips and two connection clips. The modern quick connections for the tube are firmly integrated into the filter case. This guarantees a raised measure in security. The wearing out must be pocketed with the filter change only up to the poster in the filter openings. The quick connections automatically seal, the exchange occurs in few seconds. No additional sealing inevitably, thereby you receive a raised security before water damages.

Scope of supply:
  •     Water filter with protection clips
  •     illustrated installation instructions
  •     two connection clips
  •     stable coloured Umverpackung

Technical designations:
  •     Side by Side fridge ice filter and water filter
  •     Manufacturer: Microfilter Co., Ltd.
  •     Filter contents: Activated carbon block 5 µ m
  •     Max flow in 6 months: to 3.785 litres (1000 gallons)
  •     Max flow / minute: 1.9 litres (0.5 gallons)
  •     Max water temperature: 38°C (100 fas °)
  •     Pressure: to 6 cash (100 psi)
  •     average(mean) reduction of sediments 97.8%,   
  •     average(mean) reduction of chlorine compounds: 97.5%.
  •     for taste; smell and sediment filtration
Multistage filtration:
Of these water filters is not how many fridge filter shows only with an easy activated carbon granulate material full, but with an activated carbon block of 5 µ m of filter delicacy.

Suspended matter greater than 5 µ m Micron (5 thousandth of millimetre) is held back, thus, e.g., Schwebepartikel and micro-sediments like rust, sand, lime particle etc.
The high-quality activated carbon block, made from activated carbon of real coconut palm nutshells reduces mechanical pollutions, chlorine, pesticides, treacly metals and many organic chemicals.

You should exchange filter change, according to recommendation(reference) of the device manufacturers the water filter always, when:
  •     the accompanying warning lamp in your fridge lights up (dependent on model),
  •     the fridge longer time was not used,
  •     by odour development or Trübung of the water,
  •     or for safety's sake according to the TWO (drinking water order German Institute for  Standardization 1988) at the latest all 6 months, even if of the filters disposes of a higher capacity(authority)

You find other tips in the operating instructions of your device!

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