Bio ceramic cartridge FIR

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Ceramic cartridge FIR For legal reasons here not own statements on water recovery,... more
Product information "Bio ceramic cartridge FIR"

Ceramic cartridge FIR

For legal reasons here not own statements on water recovery, water All are taken, but given the statements made by the manufacturer. The interested customer should have been formed prior to purchase via the scientifically controversial issue an opinion.

Book Recommendations
Eckhard Weber, revitalize water. Revitalize activate drinking water, energize, (ISBN-10: 3778791680) or Ulrich Holst, The Secrets of the water recovery (ISBN-10: 3928554522)

This should Biokeramikfilterpatrone by their infrared radiation have very beneficial effects on the human body, including the the blood circulation and metabolism improvement.
The bioceramic FIR (Far Infrared Ray) inline cartridge is composed of 26 kinds of mineral ceramic oxides, etc. mineral oxides such as silicon oxide and alumina. Far Infrared Ray (far infrared rays) are a part of the light spectrum in the invisible range. The wavelength of the Far Infrared Ray's ranges 4-1000 microns.

Below is a summary of the vendor's product. We have any scientific investigation is known to confirm these statements.

Extract from the manufacturer's description:
It is thought that Far infrared Ray's play an important role in the development and growth of all living organisms. For this reason, these specific rays are called "biogenetic rays". Water makes up 70% of our body weight. FIR (Far infrared Ray's) and thus strengthens this cartridge, activated, revitalized, reactivated and various organs in our body. With the many organs in our body plays an important role of recycling. Particularly, the micro circulatory system. Are there problems with the micro-circulation causes various ailments. FIR has a similar vibration of our body. Characterized FIR is to activate in a position to penetrate the body cells, and strengthen. It regulates the flow of blood and can reactivate clogged blood vessels again, and thus the life energy in our body.
Increasing the immunity of the body against disease is a further advantage of FIR. To prevent bacterial growth, eliminate odors in the water, turn on the water molecules in our body and improve the exchange of oxygen to name a few positive effects. Water and proteins are an integral part of all living organisms on our planet. Water molecules are constantly on the wings. Water molecules can be exposed to a vibration with a wavelength of 8 to 10 micrometers, there is a resonance oscillation.
This resonant oscillation causes ionization of the water into hydrogen ions (H +) and hydroxide ions (OH-). This ionization is also called water activation. This water causes activation in human tissues to increase the metabolism and clearance of cell and dietary toxins.
This is only a part of the effects that are caused by the improvement of the micro-circulation and the metabolism.
FIR therefore helps to slow the aging process increases resistance to disease and can lead to a prolongation of life.

The end of the description of the manufacturer

The cartridge is used in combination with reverse osmosis systems, multiple filter systems, etc. used as an extension or as a final filter.

with retrofit kit see photo (2 holder, JG connectors, tubing set) for all reverse osmosis systems available (extra charge 9.90 EUR)

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