Mobile Reverse Osmosis Filters For Aquarium And Tours

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Portable Reverse Osmosis Filters For Aquarium And Tours Osmosis water treatment... more
Product information "Mobile Reverse Osmosis Filters For Aquarium And Tours"

Portable Reverse Osmosis Filters For Aquarium And Tours

Osmosis water treatment plant for seawater and freshwater aquariums and go traveling!

With an adjustable throttle / flush valve for optimum yield?

water-/wastewater proportional is adjustable according to the hardness range 1:3!

WATER QUALITY - Reverse Osmosis System with CE - Approved!

The most modern and environmentally friendly method of water treatment!

Water is one of the most important components for the life of humans, animals and plants on Earth! But often it is impacted by contaminants, these contaminants can cause health problems.

Reverse osmosis systems provide a convenient place and effective way to a very clean water here! In reverse osmosis, the raw water is forced against a membrane that only pure water (permeate) can pass through the membrane, the pollutants are discharged with the residual water (concentrate).

The quality and quantity from the osmosis water is dependent on the pressure and the temperature of the raw water.

For most available on the market water treatment systems which operate on ion exchange-based can be cured-forming ions (eg calcium) with other ions (eg sodium) replaced. It can result in a shift in the ion ratio, which can lead to unpredictable consequences in the aquarium. Such systems must be regularly regenerated with chemicals!

Reverse osmosis is a natural process in which the dissolved salts and pollutants are removed by physical means safe from the water!

Delivery / Description:

- Membrane housing (flameproof), including 2 x retaining bracket, wall-mountable

- TFC osmosis membrane of polyamide / polysulfone (Made in USA)

- Inline Sediment Filter AIP 12 "x 2.5" and in-line activated carbon filter AIC 12 "x 2.5"

- Flush valve for cleaning of the membrane, water / wastewater ratio adjusted


Water / waste money:

There are 4 hard-water areas, depending on the area ratio can be optimized!
Hardness. Hardness range. Water / waste ratio
0-7 ° dH 1 (soft) 1: 3
7-14 ° dH 2 (medium) 1: 4
14-21 ° dH 3 (hard) 1: 4
above 21 ° dH 4 (very hard) 1: 5


The total salt content and thus the conductivity of the osmosis water depends on the quality of the tap water (raw water) from!

Designation. Performance. Filter performance / retention rate
AQUARIOPURE AP 3/50 GPD about 100-200 l / day to 99.0% (min. 95.0%)
AQUARIOPURE AP 3/75 GPD 200-300 l / day to 99.0% (min. 95.0%)
AQUARIOPURE AP 3/100 GPD 300-400 l / day to 99.0% (min. 90.0%)

First You get a completely assembled and ready-conditioning!

Second You get the unit in original packaging with instruction manual!

Third You get all original spare parts at a fair price for us!

Cheap osmosis water filter

In our online shop, as well as in our shop in Berlin you will find a variety of reverse osmosis water filters at discounted prices. We offer it to only high-quality reverse osmosis water filter the highest quality. The reverse osmosis water filters reduce the concentration of harmful substances and the concentration of drug residues in your tap water and thus reduce the number of germs contained. By using a reverse osmosis water filter, you can easily live a little bit healthier. Because in addition to other harmful substances that are dissolved in tap water, filtered through reverse osmosis water filters and up to 90 percent of the chlorine from drinking water out. If you are just starting to deal with the extensive water quality issue, so we keep waiting for you all necessary information. As a member of the Water Quality Association, we are committed to actively contributing to improving the quality of our drinking water and hot water contribute. So you can be sure we offer only high quality products.

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