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EM ceramics Pipes The EM technology The global EM technology has its... more
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EM ceramics Pipes

The EM technology

The global EM technology has its origins in agriculture and horticulture. It was originally developed by the Japanese horticultural scientist Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa of the University of the Ryukyus Archipelago, on the island of Okinawa, Japan. These fundamentals are recently seized upon by younger staff, by former students of Prof. Dr. Higa in Japan and the U.S. and continued. This resulted in further and created original EM preparations and procedures that will help to ensure that the authentic EM technology is more widely available and used.

EM-Ceramics (gray pipes), this type of EM Ceramics acting wasservitalisierend, water clusters decreases and shows antioxidant properties and infrared radiation effects, in the form of tubes for various applications, all based on the activation energy of water. The excited water serves as a cast, drinking water or drinking water or as a habitat, eg for fish. Produce excited drinking set 10-15 Pipes in a pitcher with your filtered water, and in the kettle and coffeemaker. Since the reduction of the water cluster structure by EM ceramics the cleaning power of water, use EM ceramics even in washing machines and dishwashers to save on cleaning products. To food in the refrigerator improve their shelf life and to counteract odors, you can distribute the pipes in the refrigerator (5-10 pieces). Also there are many users who wear bracelets and necklaces made of pipes (or just a few in your pocket) to improve your well-being.


EM ceramics are made of clay pipes, in the Effective Microorganisms (EM) are the absence of air (anaerobic) was burned. This ensures that the diverse properties and information maintained by EM and passed. (Consider in this context the well-known micro-organisms present in the magma of the volcano, or in the hot water of the geysers!) We can be sure that the highly resistant strains of bacteria in EM does not belong to the group of microbes for Us humans are harmful. Actually, any microorganisms that may be threatening to humans, destroyed at temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius in a period of one hour. Such bacteria are not in EM!

What can the EM Ceramics?
By Professor Dr. Teruo Higa has the EM Ceramics the exceptional ability to remove any kind of information out of the water. Ceramic has a natural ability to bring about an exchange of ions and far infrared radiation, wipes out the information from the water molecules and the pure original condition recovers. EM has to the extraordinary ability of antioxidants, ie It can not only prevent oxidation, but was already making oxidation reversed. The same time it is capable of, the original good magnetic resonance of the substances to restore, thus bringing about a regeneration. The combination can therefore EM Ceramics steer the processes of life and all matter towards regeneration. EM ceramic represents the medium in which the EM-information, which was baked in the sound is transferred to the water. By burning the information is not damaged. It follows that the threat posed by EM ceramic magnetic resonance for nature can only be beneficial.

What is the firing of the EM information in tone on?

Prof. Higa explains it: "Sound is a colloid with an electrical charge, the compression in its electrical properties can duplicate the information of microorganisms as a template. The theory that life was created from clay, may have to fix its origin in the fact that sound actually has the ability to absorb a variety of electrical information, and retain. It follows that EM Ceramics can be seen as a template for the EM information. (...) If the ceramic with water into communication, it becomes possible to extract the information from the EM-template. "

(Higa, T.: "A revolution to save the planet - (With Effective Microorganisms EM) to solve the world's problems," pp. 169, ISBN 3-922201-35-0)

Included: 100g pipes (60 pipes)

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