Osmo Guard, Electronic Water Stop, Water Damage Protection System

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Product information "Osmo Guard, Electronic Water Stop, Water Damage Protection System"

Osmo Guard Electronic Water Stop, Water Damage Protection System

Electronically controlled water damage protection system

We are proud to present you with a patented overload protection valve that is designed for flood protection of areas in which washing machines, dishwashers and other appliances are to remove the water automatically from the water supply network. Such devices can optionally be a source of uncontrolled water leakage and in the following circumstances:

  •     a crack in the water supply hose,
  •     in the leakage of inner parts (filter housing, washing machine drum, water pump, hoses, etc.),
  •     upon failure of the Wasserdosier feeding and output measurement system.

The device is an electronically controlled valve that is mounted with small dimensions, simple yet highly reliable operation. Thanks to the unique technology of the water leak detector and the valve closure mechanism has made it possible to use a single AA cell (LR6 1.5 V) as a power source to be used.

The electronics of the device takes power in monitoring mode, with virtually no measurable current below 1 nA (1 x 10-9A).

One can therefore assume that in the monitoring mode is virtually no current drain from the battery. The current (0.45 A) is used only when addressing (at a time of 0.1 sec for shutting off the water supply) of the valve.

The battery should then be used after the expiration of the time (from the manufacturer stamped on the battery case) replaced. However, should the end of the battery usage time does not mean that the battery is empty. The alkaline batteries manufactured today have a lifespan of 4-7 years.

The specially developed, patented shape of the sensor, the sensor after a free fall can always take the correct working position, ensures that the sensor reliably detects water leaks in the protected area. An additional advantage is one form of the sensor such that this usual for moisture or even water splashes remains insensitive. This becomes important when we think of the usual cleaning and cleaning in the home.

- Water pressure (up to) 1.0 MPa (tested to 15 bar) = 10 bar
- Inlet valve ¾'' female
- Valve outlet ¾'' external threaded

The device can be on the cold - and the hot water tap
(Used to 70oC).

The valve housing is made of polyamide 6.6 reinforced with 30% glass fibers. Compared to metal, the advantage that no rust can form.

The food safety of this material by the manufacturer (DuPont) was confirmed.

Power supply: one 1.5V alkaline battery LR6 (AA)

TIP: Please only use quality batteries - it is good experience
e.g. batteries with the manufacturer Philips, Varta, Energizer, Duracell. These manufacturers offer 4-year warranty on batteries. Be careful in buying on the date the manufacturer warranty (battery directly into the embossed).


With the help of the screw device, the device is easy to attach to the tap. Please insert the enclosed seal with the upward bulge between the equipment and water faucet. The integrated dust filter also protects against the flapper has enough room to jump up and tighten the nut well "by hand" to. (Adapters for other ports in stock)

The included battery is provided with a guarantee date (eg 05/09 - ie May 2009). Often, this date marked the battery directly into the ground - please make a note of this date on the package also included stickers - these stickers to please clearly visible on the machine. This can be changed until the date entered (ie, only every 3-4 years). Nevertheless, it is necessary to control the function of the battery regularly - at least every six months you should do it (please see also: Short test - no problem).

Extremely humid conditions can shorten the life of each battery. The old battery should be disposed of in an environmentally friendly course.

Since the device requires the worst case only for 0.1 seconds a current pulse of 0.45 A and idle labor flows are not measurable, you can really rely on the battery. Now you need to remove only the battery box cover, which included guaranteed fresh (on which we pay attention ...) battery properly as indicated (+ / -) insert, seal the battery case with the self-adhesive transparent seal and close the lid again - DONE. The sensor is then placed on the floor near the machine or the filter (at schrägern floors as possible to the lowest point) and the unit is installed. Please pay attention to for example a device to test the sensor again to lay on the floor, only there he can protect it from water damage

After installation, we ask in every case, perform a functional test of your device as described below:

Short test - no problem

Replace the flap switch in position A (normal - open the valve, water can flow). Then insert the sensor in a little water (more than 0,5 mm) - the switch valve springs in position B (please see also drawing) - the water supply is locked up right at the tap.

After this test you again please CLOSE the door switch and put the sensor back to the ground. We recommend repeating this test every six months - SAFETY FIRST

Important: The device is used to close valve for domestic use, the additional increase of the mechanical water protection. The operating instructions for the washing - and dishwashers manufacturers and water filtration systems must be observed even after the installation of this equipment to continue in any case. After the washing process, the tap is too close in any case.

Europ. Patent No. 057 24 46

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