EM Premium 5 Of Carbonit

Carbonit EM Premium 5-D
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Premium 5 EM Of Carbonit With this new cartridge, you can filter your water at the same time... more
Product information "EM Premium 5 Of Carbonit"

Premium 5 EM Of Carbonit

With this new cartridge, you can filter your water at the same time and revitalize. The water tastes much better than usual, incredibly soft and vital.

You will notice the difference.

For the production of EM-X, a special ceramic fired clay is used, the organic material from plants containing the millions of years old and during the several months of fermentation process, food for the effective microorganisms (EM) are. EM ceramic causes among other things to reduce the surface tension of water and the reduction of the cluster structures. In the natural condition of the water is restored.
EM-X ceramic is in the filter cartridge in the production of powder with a "baked". This creates a huge contact area with the water.
Together with the proven performance of the filter Carbonit NFP Premium filter technology results in the ideal water filtration.

A unique filter technology in the world!


EM ceramics are made of clay, has been burned into the Effective Microorganisms (EM) of air (anaerobic) are. This will keep the versatile features and information maintained by EM and passed. (Consider in this context the known microorganisms that reside in the magma of volcanoes, or in hot water of the geysers!) We can be certain: the highly resistant strains of bacteria in EM does not belong to the group of microbes for We humans are harmful. In fact, all the microorganisms that may be dangerous for man, destroyed at temperatures of 60 degrees Celsius over a period of one hour. Such bacteria are not in EM!

What can the EM ceramics?

According to Prof. Dr. Teruo Higa has the EM-ceramic, the extraordinary ability to remove any kind of information out of the water. Ceramic has the natural ability, an ion exchange and long-wave infrared radiation effect, the information blotted out from the water molecules and the original pure state recovers. EM has the extraordinary ability of this antioxidant, ie It can not only prevent oxidation, but oxidation was already undone. At the same time it is able to restore the original good magnetic resonance of the substances again, so bring about a regeneration. In the combination, ie EM ceramics, the life processes of all matter and steer in the direction of regeneration. EM Ceramics represents the medium through which the EM information that was baked into the clay, is transferred to the water. By branding the information is not damaged. It follows that the outgoing EM ceramic magnetic resonance of nature can only be beneficial.

What is the firing of the EM-sound information in front of him?


Prof. Higa explains: "Clay is a colloid with an electrical charge that can duplicate its electrical properties when compressing the information of the microorganisms as a template. The theory that life arose out of clay, may have their origin in the fact that sound actually has the ability to incorporate a variety of electrical information to fix and retain. It follows that EM-ceramics can be regarded as a template for the EM information. (...) If we introduce the ceramic into contact with water, it becomes possible to extract the EM-information from the template. "

(Higa, T., "A revolution to save the planet - with Effective Microorganisms (EM) to solve the problems of our world," pp. 169, ISBN 3-922201-35-0)
This activated carbon block filter combines the known adsorptive forces of sintered activated carbon (eg, pesticides) with mechanical filtration (eg bacteria).

Useful life:
The filter cartridge must be after 6 months (according to DIN 1988) on the menu. Basically made within the 6 months to about 10,000 liters of water are filtered. Earlier replacement may be necessary if the water flow is noticeably reduced. An early change is no shortage of the filter used, but a sign of the increased presence of fine particles in the unfiltered water.

Degree of filtration:
about 0.45 microns

about 1.5-2 liters per minute (depending on water pressure)

For technical reasons, use only cold water up to max. 20 ° C, protect from frost.

Download pdf crystal analysis!! [259 KB]


For legal reasons, this does not own statements on water recovery, water All are made. The interested buyer should have formed prior to the purchase of the controversial scientific issue an opinion.

Book Recommendations
Eckhard Weber vitalize water. Drinking enable energize, revitalize (ISBN-10: 3778791680) or Ulrich Holst, The Secrets of the water recovery (ISBN-10: 3928554522)

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