Carbonit Premium Dualis with integrated limescale protection

Carbonit Premium Dualis mit integriertem Kalkschutz
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Carbonit Premium Dualis with integrated limescale protection The Premium Dualis means... more
Product information "Carbonit Premium Dualis with integrated limescale protection"

Carbonit Premium Dualis with integrated limescale protection

The Premium Dualis means limescale protection, activated carbon filtration and germ reduction in one; the perfect solution for drinking water treatment in the household, in catering and in industry.

Limescale protection 
The integrated limescale protection granulate produces tiny seed crystals to which the hardness-forming calcium is attached. The crystallised lime behaves completely passively and can no longer adhere to surfaces; dissolved lime becomes insoluble and non-adhering calcium carbonate. The limescale protection granulate thus provides extensive protection against limescale residues over the entire service life of the cartridge; there is hardly any limescale left in the kettle, in the coffee machine, on tiles and washbasins etc., and tea and coffee also taste much better with this limescale treatment. The granulate is of course food safe and biologically completely neutral.

The Premium Dualis, like the NFP Premium, consists of a 0.45 µm coconut activated carbon block. Drug residues, heavy metals such as lead or copper, hormone-like substances, plasticisers chlorine, chemical-organic compounds such as herbicides/pesticides, sediments, bad taste or odour are reliably removed from the water in a natural way; this activated carbon is hardly surpassed at present. Due to its performance of well over 2 l/min, it is very well suited for the stainless steel water whirler Whirling Egg.
Degradation of old limescale residues Carbonic acid bound in the water releases microscopically small bubbles during this limescale treatment, the so-called 'micro-bubbles'. They ensure fast and automatic degradation of old limescale residues in kettles, coffee machines and other hot water appliances.

Other features
The filter cartridge offered by Carbonit is manufactured using coconut charcoal in a process that is unsurpassed to date. The extremely homogeneous carbon structure achieves a highly effective and, above all, consistently stable pollutant adsorption power.
Premium Dualis

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